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Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is what gives distinction to an apartment. Our newly renovated apartments also offer a number of floor plans for occupancy this June 2016 like the 1 bed, 1 bath Merion, the Augusta, Oakmont, and the 1 bed,1.5 bath Westchester floor plan with a minimum of 534 square feet to a maximum of 902 sq. ft. Almost every renovated apartment has a Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring

You’ll like the interiors of these apartments embedded with stainless black appliances, ceiling fans, centralized cooling system, avant-garde cabinets, private patios/balconies with outside storage, reserved covered parking, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, washer/dryer, wood burning fireplace, and Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring. Select apartments are provided with most of these amenities.

The rich appointments of the living room include warm attractive sofa, beige-colored carpet, large windows with white curtains, elegant wall decors and artwork, a cozy fireplace, precise lighting, and walnut wooden tables and lampshades that allow one to live and work comfortably. A major factor that adds luster is the Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring that adds beauty to the living room.

The renovated kitchens are designed to optimize easy access to equipment and cooking utensils, with a large space to move around, and an extended granite table top for multiple wood board chopping tasks, and still have space to pour wine into glasses on the table top. Down below is the attractive finish of Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring.

The Clubhouse is one of the best designed and constructed structures of Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring. Its wide space and unique geometric ceilings are embellished with artistic bar tables and chairs and living room sofas, tables and chairs on wood floor with a dash of impressive wall art and attractive rugs.

Coming into the business center office, you will experience a classic and contemporary sophistication in its design as the place combines the components of hardware equipment, black swivel chairs, brown wood tables, light-colored walls and ceilings all integrated to produce an effect of professional work and achievement. One of its main features is the magnetic brown wood floor of the Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring.

Unlike other urban apartments that show might and force through high rise structures, Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring reveals its strength in a balanced ecology of foreground and background, of man-made structures and natural scenery, specifically wood flooring.

Storage areas are also included in the wood flooring application. Most of the storage areas of Three60 North Home Apartment Wood Flooring are found beside the patio, outside of the apartment. 

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